Understand the difference between costume jewelry and Semi fine jewelry

Understand the difference between costume jewelry and Semi fine jewelry

Every woman loves an accessory. A delicate semi fine jewelry such as gold , silver or rhodium plating is the perfect complement to give that special touch in your daily look or in special occasions such as birthdays or weddings. Semi fine  jewelry or costume jewelry are part of the daily life of every woman. But, do you know the difference between them?

Composition is one of the main differences. Costume jewelry is produced with inferior materials and does not receive any layer of high quality material. Therefore they fade really quick. Rarely the surface of jewelry has gold or silver. They even receive a plating of gold paint to imitate gold or silver. In these plating heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium and lead are used, which can cause allergies.

The jewelry has a low gloss and the finish is not always polished, presenting burrs. Crystals are also not used. Usually glued rhinestones are used , which leaves the piece opaque and dull in a short time. Pearls are also synthetic and peal faster.

The semi fine -jewelry are produced with more noble materials and with greater durability. The pieces are plated with noble materials, like gold , silver and white rhodium. Stones, crystals, or zircon are also used. The finish is always done with more care and specific equipment. These pieces do not receive cadmium and nickel that cause allergy to the skin.

Guarded carefully, the semi fine jewelry can last for years. And they still have a value closer to the costume jewelry, but with more affordable prices than gold pieces, for example, but with much greater cost benefit.

80% of the pieces from Diosa Jewelry are made of polished metals, nickel free and gold-plated 18 kt and anti-allergic bath. Think before you buy and guarantee quality for a long time.



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