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We at Diosa Jewelry love it when a customer receives her shopping and shows how satisfied she was with the quality of the product. However, as much as we have an excellent warranty, it is always good to look at some tips to make your jewelry last longer. For this, we prepared this special post with 3 tips for you about cleaning your semi fine jewelry . Ready?

But before ... Do you know the difference between semi fine jewels and  costume jewelry? We created a post explaining the differences between each one.



Semi-jewel cleaning tips

Cleaning semi fine jewelry  - Tip # 01 

Let your piece soak for 15 minutes in warm water, containing a little liquid coconut soap or slash. After doing this, wash it thoroughly until you take out all the soap. Then brush using a little bit of baking soda or white toothpaste (the one with no strays and effects, you know?), And make sure the brush is very soft or otherwise it will scratch your accessories.

After that, rinse it again, removing the leftover residue and dry the semi-jewels with a hair dryer or cotton cloth.


Cleaning semi fine jewelry  -  Tip # 02

Every woman likes to take care of her face and body, using creams, moisturizers, lotions and perfumes. However, it is always worth remembering that, just as these products can benefit vanity, they can also be great enemies of accessories.

A serious mistake that is made very often is the application of these products on the body after applying the accessories. So remember to always take off your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets before applying on that cream or perfume you like so much!

Do not use semi jewels when applying hair dye, always take them out when you are doing home cleaning or something that occupies your hands alot, after all they can scratch or fall and break. 


Cleaning semi fine jewelry  -  Tip # 03

Trinidad and Tobago is a country immensely rich in natural beauty. And we know a lot about this ... If you like to enjoy nature, being at the beach or at the pool, the care with your accessories deserves even greater attention. Suntan lotion, chlorine and seawater may be the main cause of the oxidation of the parts.


Oh, and another cool tip: put a bit of chalk inside your jewelry box. It helps take all the moisture out of small places!




EXTRA TIP on how to increase the durability of your semi fine jewelry

Always be very careful! Choose a clean place that has no moisture. Do not keep the semi jewels on top of each other. The stones, the metals and the pearls have different degrees of hardness and can be scratched. Ideally wrap them in tissue paper .

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